SUHF condemns Hungarian government plan to ban gender studies

9 oktober 2018

University networks around Europe condemn the Hungarian government plan to ban gender studies. Gender Studies is an internationally recognised area of teaching and research and this targeting clearly carry ideological goals.

The ban was announced this summer by the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources and the Ministry of Justice and is seen as part of a series of broader attacks on academic independence and a wider campaign against those who are opposed to the government’s socially conservative policies.

SUHF (The Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions) is deeply concerned about this development in Hungary. SUHF fully supports the European University Association (EUA) call on the Hungarian government to refrain from further interference in higher education. As EUA notes, a ban  against gender studies would be a serious threat to institutional autonomy and academic freedom. The decree, if it is passed, would be a hitherto unprecedented case of state intervention into academic affairs.